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One website, multiple copy versions. No coding skills required.
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You have a landing page ...

... for your product, service or a book. You've carefully crafted your copy so it resonates with your audience. Now imagine you could take a step further and adjust bits of your copy so they're targeted to a specific group of people inside your audience.

If you're selling a book on webdesign for developers, your target audience are obviously developers. But there are many kinds of developers coming from many kinds of different sources. They might come from a link you shared on HackerNews or Product Hunt. You might have shared it on a forum or in your newsletter. Or maybe you're running paid campaigns on Facebook or Google where you're already targeting your ads to specific groups of people.

Wouldn't it be great if you could include small pieces of copywriting candy for visitors from those specific groups and make your landing page even friendlier and drive more conversions?

Dyno lets you create multiple copy versions and provides links for each version so you can share it wherever you want.

Only 3 steps to get started with Dyno

1. Edit copy

Edit versions of your copy with Dyno Editor

2. Install a snippet

Insert a small snippet to your website Snippet

3. Share links

Share links for your each copy version Links

Dyno helped me match Facebook ads with copy on the website. I've increased conversions, retained the targeted message across the whole funnel and most importantly - made my clients happier!

Choose a plan - you can always adjust later on, depending on your traffic.


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